Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Halfway already?!

18 weeks, 6 days: The obligatory (and super cute) profile shot:

Jazzercise in the womb: You'd think I could feel it!

Hey y'all!: face forward shot with his little heart beating away

Showing off my nasal cavity and waving hello:

Yep, it's official: girls don't have those :)

Making up for my lack of photos in the last post, here are all of the ultrasound photos we got at our anatomy scan today.  The tech took about 30 more, but they were all filed in my chart for reference.  Those pictures show a very healthy, unremarkable (yet quite remarkable!) baby boy.  Everything measured on target, looked healthy and couldn't be better.  Officially a singleton, The Bean is getting quite comfy in there.  The doctor met with me for about 5 minutes after the scan to confirm that everything looks good, and scheduled me to come back in 3 more weeks.

Last week, Week 18, I started feeling little baby kicks.  They are very slight and only happen when I'm sitting very still, but unmistakable to a veteran mama.  I felt Ben much earlier than The Bean, but today confirmed that this is because his placenta is front and center, cushioning most of his movements.  When I can feel him, it's because he is working on his jazzercise routine and really getting busy.  The combination of the kicks and seeing my little human on the screen this afternoon helped me understand that THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!  I am not reliving my pregnancy with Ben, and I am not talking about someone else, I am having another baby!  Holy cow!  I have to be honest, it's been harder for me to bond with The Bean.  I'm chalking it up to being super busy chasing a toddler around and not sitting around, dreaming about nursery colors and newborn onesies.  But this week has changed all of that.  My little guy is half cooked and will be here in as much time as it took to get this far!  He is super cute, too.  I fell in love all over again watching him squirm around while the nice ultrasound tech tried to measure his head and leg bones.

The Bean probably has a name.  This was a long conversation (19 weeks long) that became quite boring at the end.  We kept landing on the same 10 or so names, and by we, I mean me.  Jacob agreed with one or two, but we couldn't quite work out a name combo.  Until THE name.  I threw it out over chicken fingers at our friendly neighborhood restaurant and Jacob didn't say "that sucks".  A few minutes later, he said "I could live with that" and I slept on it to see if I could too.  Sure enough, I still love it.  The first name is his top choice, and the middle name is mine.  Backwards from Ben's naming ceremony, where I chose the first, and he the second.  In true Turner fashion, we'll probably keep it a surprise because 1. it's the only surprise left, and 2. we'd like to avoid the "You're naming him WHAT?!" conversation with friends and family.  It's not completely outrageous, but there's always that insensitive guy who proceeds to share a story about how he knew someone by that name who picked his nose, or remind you what embarrassing word the name can rhyme with.  Anyone who has named a child can relate to this.  Because I am pregnant and emotional over things like Alltel commercials, I want to avoid this situation.

I have finally arrived in the glorious "honeymoon trimester".  The morning sickness is gone except for the occasional "I think I just threw up in my mouth" situation (sorry, it happens).  I LOVE my new curves and believe myself to be rocking pregnancy, but am savoring it because I am approaching "Your baby is due WHEN?!" status, followed by "Are you carrying twins?" to end with "I didn't know bellies could stretch that much!".  I'm carrying The Bean front and center, just like Ben.  I'd like to think you can't tell I'm pregnant if you're behind me at the checkout line because he's all out front.  I feel pretty wonderful and am still a manageable enough size to work in the yard (my favorite spring/summer past time).  Oh yeah, and my health is stellar.  Like I said, the honeymoon trimester.  I did finally put my regular jeans away this weekend (RIP regular jeans: 0 weeks - 18 weeks gestation).  Wearing pants to my ribcage and feeling good.

10 weeks:

18 weeks: Less snow, more baby!

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