Tuesday, April 20, 2010

7 short of a baseball team!

"The Bean" is not a Bernice, it's a Bernard!  We're having a baby BOY!  Had our gender scan this morning where our wiggly little man showed off his goods with no problem, just like his big brother.  The doctor commented on how squirmy our little hamster is when she said, "HE'S a wiggly one!"  and showed us the evidence.  Jacob and I exchanged "told you so" looks again, followed with complete excitement for our family and especially for Ben.  Two little boys, two years apart!  We're either completely blessed, or in a lot of trouble.  Or both!

The exam went very well.  Mama is up 1 pound from last month and has a squeaky clean bill of health.  The Bean's twin is completely gone with no traces left, which is amazing and a relief for his sake.  He seems to be measuring on target, and will get the complete work-up in 3 weeks when we return for the "anatomy ultrasound".  Mama is feeling well, and still has the occasional battle with nausea, but it is getting better.  Just like last time, all I can think about is caesar salads.  I dream about them.  I taste them in the middle of the day.  I would continue eating them if I had an endless supply. You know when you go to your friendly neighborhood restaurant and order the salad and they bring you a mountain of lettuce you couldn't possibly ever finish?  Yeah, I can finish those now.  And eat what's on Jacob's plate too.  Especially if it's more salad.  It's just a shame that I'm not addicted to something like, fat-free raspberry vinagrette - caesar dressing might be worse for you than ice cream.  But I'm loving it!

The name debate is quickly turning into another battle.  We're still clueless on what The Bean will be called.  I'm not sure The Bean Turner will work, so hopefully we'll get more creative here shortly.  It's pretty much a replay of last time - I throw out several (really good) names, and Jacob destroys every one of them.  When I ask what his suggestions are, he throws out something ridiculous and mythological, and the conversation ends.  We have about 24 more weeks to play this game before we need to get serious, otherwise we'll be leaving the hospital with "Baby Boy Turner".  Or The Bean. 

We've been preparing Ben for the arrival of his baby brother, but not surprisingly, he doesn't get it.  He loves babies though.  When I'm home and watching "A Baby Story" or some other equally horrific birthing show on TLC, Ben hears the babies cry and becomes very concerned and interested.  He loves hearing babies when we're out and about.  Not sure how crazy he'll be about it when a screaming infant wakes up at 3 am in his room while he's trying to count sheep, but time will tell.  The boys will share a room.  And secrets.  And mischievous plots.  Lucky for us, the blue paint is already on the wall and we have endless storage bins of blue sleepers and onesies.  We are just so thrilled we can't even stand it!

So Team Turner is completely outnumbering me, and I couldn't be happier!  Nothing better than a little boy, except two little boys!  7 more, and we can play ball!

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