Wednesday, October 22, 2008

3rd Trimester - A summary

OK so I haven't been fantastic at updating this thing, I admit, but I'll try to summarize the last 12 weeks now.  

The end of the 2nd trimester was uneventful, as I wrapped up working in late August and started my "Gestation Vacation", as my friend, Brian puts it.  Peanut and I began a several-week stint of catching up on soaps and crocheting a series of blankets for various purposes.  In early September, at just over 30 weeks, Mi-mi and Poo-Poo (the Turner Grandparents) and Auntie Madison came for a visit and got to see Peanut on film at a 3D/4D ultrasound.  We got over 60 shots of him, as well as a movie and the whole experience was really cool.  Here is a sample of our movie star fetus:

He is pretty cute.

The next few weeks were pretty uneventful for Team Turner, but while Peanut was cooking, his two friends were born - Levi Christopher on September 14th and Jack Oliver on September 27th!  Both boys are incredible and have made Mom pretty impatient about meeting her own little man.

Everything has continued to go really well at doctor's visits.  Peanut was in a breech position until about 34 weeks, where he turned to head-down, and we're hoping he is still in that position today.  A checkup/ultrasound (yes, our 12th ultrasound) will confirm his position and measure him to see if it will be possible for him to be born the old-fashioned way.  This past Monday, our doctor guesstimated Peanut's weight to be around 6 pounds, which will make him quite manageable for a normal delivery.  We'll see how accurate she is next week!  He is still measuring two weeks ahead because of Mom's diabetes most likely, but no complications have come up as a result.  We're still healthy, happy, and ready for delivery!  Technically, our due date is still in mid-November, but Peanut is considered full term tomorrow.  This means if labor starts between now and November 16th, the doctors will let it progress.  With mom's size, this is great news - it's getting harder and harder to carry this little (big) guy around. Check out THIS belly progression:

Yes, I'm sure it's not twins, yes, he still has 3 more weeks to grow, and yes, I HAVE been eating healthy (thanks, diabetes diet).  I've spared you of the full-sized version of these shots for obvious reasons.  Needless to say, I can't wait to see my feet again!

Other notable happenings in the last 12 weeks:  We traveled to Atlanta in September for my oldest friend, Danielle's baby shower and it was a very nice visit.  Peanut definitely enjoyed all the food and activity - and behaved himself during the 6 hours we spent in the car.  We got some fantastic pictures that are scrapbook-worthy for sure.  I'm hoping to dig up a picture of Danielle and I from when we were 5, and place it next to the picture of us, 8 and 9 months pregnant.  In a few years, It'll be fun to add to that with a picture of Jack and Peanut at 5 years old.

Peanut and I also voted again.  We voted in the primaries in May, and have been keeping on top of this political season pretty closely (we watch MSNBC during commercial breaks from ABC soaps).  We voted again on the first day of early voting (October 16th) and waited in line for about 30 minutes.  After our submission, the polling volunteer gave me two "I voted" stickers - one for me and one for Peanut.  I'm keeping it with the two Obama stickers we got at the Apple Festival, and the two Hillary stickers we got when we visited her in Hendersonville.  More scrapbook material!  Peanut got to participate in the voting process for the first time.  Next opportunity: 2026!

We finished up Peanut's nursery and have all necessary items (except diapers, oddly enough) so we're ready to go there.  I'll post a separate entry about that whole process.  We also have had two more baby showers where we got a TON more Peanut stuff, all set up and ready for use.  Last weekend, we secured his car seat in the back of the Xterra and got it checked out with the fire department, and Mom FINALLY packed her hospital bag for the big stay!  All that's left to do now is Peanut's birth - let's hope it happens sooner, rather than later!

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