Friday, March 4, 2011


Yeah, that contained five ounces before Beckett got to it.  Turns out, the key to getting a stubborn boobie-addict to take a bottle is NOT maple syrup, it's kicking the boobs out of the house.  I pumped, went out for two hours, and came home to a sleeping baby and an almost empty bottle.  Thanks to Jenny for the bottle suggestion.  And for telling me I needed to leave the house - it worked!  Phase one is complete: the kid takes the bottle.  Phase two involves Dad fixing a middle-of-the-night bottle for Beckett and feeding him  Another challenge begins.

Another set of milestones occurred at Turner Place this week too.  This one, however, gave me actual heart palpitations.  After 28 months of rear facing in his car seat, we turned Ben around.  His seat cover needed a spin in the washing machine, and as I was inspecting it to figure out how it comes off, I realized he actually exceeded the rear-facing weight limit by more than a few pounds.  Whoops.  Turning him around made me feel uneasy at first, but it's turned out to be kinda cool to look back and see his little face smiling and watching the world out his window.  And Jacob, who has been fighting me on this extended rear facing thing is much happier to be able to move his seat back if he wants to.

Not sure about this forward facing business:

But wait, there's more!  The same day that Ben flipped forward, Beckett got his very own big boy car seat.  Beckett "The Mammoth" Turner was reaching the weight and height limit on the infant seat at a young five months.  He got the identical seat that Ben has, and actually enjoys riding in the car now.  His screaming fits while riding in the car may have actually been related to being uncomfortable in his baby seat after all - go figure. 

Totally into the big boy seat:

My babies are growing up.  The palpitations were a direct result of realizing that this Mama thing is going by way too fast for my comfort.  Pretty soon, B Squared will be racing to the car yelling "shotgun!" or better yet, be asking for the keys.  Ugh!


  1. Yay! Another Tommee Tippee user! I love those bottles! And Kola just moved up into his big-boy seat (a combination of getting too long for the infant seat despite being far from the weight restriction and BRU having the trade-in event) and we got just the same one!

  2. I'm an official convert and looking for someone to take my Dr. Brown's collection! We also went to BRU for the trade-in event. They should give us that incentive more often!