Thursday, November 3, 2011

finding pecky

Weight loss.  A sore subject that's been a battle since motherhood.  I used to be a skinny kid.  I was also a skinny teenager. The girl you secretly hated because I ate ice cream for breakfast and still rocked a bikini.  I even maintained it through college, somehow, despite my predominantly fast food diet.  I owe this to scheduling my classes on opposite sides of campus almost every day.

Several years, many cheeseburgers and two kids later and I was not rocking that bikini.  I lost all of my pregnancy weight with both kids, but what was left over was a stretched out empty belly and redistributed fat, in all the wrong places.  I never bothered to lose weight while breastfeeding.  I knew I would just get frustrated.  A lot of people claim that breastfeeding helps them lose weight.  This may be true for me too, if I wasn't so hungry the whole time.  So when Beckett finally weaned himself, I ran out of excuses.

I am finally starting to recognize myself again.  I haven't hit my target weight yet, but am getting closer and closer every week.  The transformation-in-progress hadn't hit me until I saw pictures of me taken earlier this week.  I am 18 pounds down from my pre-pregnancy weight today.  And 50 pounds lighter than I was the day Beckett was born.  I'm happy to see my own face when I look in the mirror now, and not the bloated, overtired and sad version of myself.  Check this out:

 October 2010 (size 14):

October 2011 (size 6):

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