Monday, April 11, 2011


Sorry, y'all,  I've been a bad blogger.  It's hard to bring myself to sit at the computer and tell stories when it's 75 degrees outside and beautiful.  Team Turner has been spending our days in the sunshine, hanging with friends and family, and just enjoying spring in general. 

In fact, we're about to head back outside.  Ben: Vice President of Yard Operations and Beckett: Project Manager have been helping me prepare the yard for summer.  It's still too risky to plant flowers in the mountains because Mother Nature never fails to deliver us a late freeze, but being the proud owners of a couple oak trees that were around during Lincoln's presidency, we have plenty of straightening up to do.  Oh, and did I mention dogs and lawns don't mix?  We've got some dirt pits in the yard to contend with.

So back outside we go.  In the meantime, we're creating lots of fun stories to share for a rainy day.  With pictures to boot!  Hope everyone else is enjoying spring as much as we are.  In the meantime, the Natural Parenting Carnival posts tomorrow - mine and 60-something other blogs on the topic should keep you busy till then.

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