Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beware the Ides of March

We're all making this face today.  Sickness has made its way to Turner Place and we're all feeling the effects.  It started with Ben, of course.  He has a new fascination with hani-tizer (hand sanitizer) but apparently this wasn't enough to keep disease away.  And what fun would winter be without at least one episode of fever, sore throat and runny, runny noses?  So after a few days of Ben sniffling and sneaking sips out of Mama's sippy cup (read: Coke or sweet tea with a straw), Mama fell ill.  After a night of hallucinating, soaking my pillow in sweat, and losing the ability to swallow without wincing, I found myself at Urgent Care, getting lots of antibiotics, steroids and orders to sleep it off.  "Get some rest", the doctor says.  I answer with "I will", laughing on the inside.  Sure I will.  My kids will definitely allow that.

But thankfully, Jacob stayed home, under protest, so I could burn off the fever and let the drugs take over.  I woke up to Ben screaming his head off, taking his train table apart like Godzilla-Ben, Beckett sniffling and crying, and Jacob, pacing the floor, holding Beckett and making the same face I make when he gets home an hour late on a hard day. 

Oh, did I mention Daylight Savings Time screwed us up royally?  Whoever came up with the genius idea to manipulate the clock a couple times a year obviously didn't have kids.  Our first experience with this was our first night as parents.  Ben was born at 11 am and that night, we gained an hour.  I remember us thinking "Oh great, an extra hour we get to be awake".  On Saturday night, we lost an hour so the next day flew by, naps were all screwed up and complicated with sickness.  We're still trying to get back on track. 

Tonight I have a coffee table full of empty chinese food containers and prescription medication, a 2 year old sleeping in the middle of his floor, wearing the clothes he wore today and clutching a pair of shoes, and an infant who went to bed entirely too late and has been squirming around ever since.  Oh, and a messy kitchen, pile of laundry and a Tupperware container full of dirty diapers.  A shining moment in motherhood.  Looking forward to feeling better and having two snot-free children.

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