Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Calm After the Storm

Beckett at 5 weeks: An impromptu photoshoot on a lazy fall afternoon


Can't turn down an opportunity for a good babyfeet shot:

We've survived the first 2 months!  And what's that at the end of the tunnel?  Light?  Holy cow, it is!  Those first few weeks are rough, y'all.  Either my bird brain blocked it all out from the first go-around at motherhood, or Ben came out of the womb sleeping through the night.  Can't quite remember, but it's all fresh on the brain right now.  And hopefully another memory to get fuzzier and fuzzier as Beckett settles into a proper routine.  His acid reflux seems to be calmed by his uber-doses of medicine, and he seems to finally understand the concept of sleeping at night.  We've had a few good weeks of sleeping soundly, only to wake up briefly for midnight, 2 am, 4 am and 6 am feedings.  Sometimes just a 4 am and 6 am if we're lucky.  So that's been nice.  We may have given in to his insatiable desire for tummy time, day and night, despite the whole "back to sleep" campaign.  We are co-sleepers.  I've finally convinced Jacob that this is an OK concept, so Beckett snuggles in bed with us.  On his tummy.  Right under my nose so that Mama's intuition can kick in if anything goes awry in this position.  And don't worry naysayers, it's been pediatrician approved.  I fought it at first, with tight swaddles, singing songs, white noise machines.  He wanted none of it if it meant he had to be on his back.  And if he did manage to fall asleep this way, he'd wheeze and choke all night, waking himself, and of course, us up.  Over and over.  There were a few weeks there where I was convinced we needed a Shark Steam Cleaner for all of our linens and Time Life's Sounds of the 70's box set because I watched the infomercials all night long.  But since I turned him on his tummy, I haven't seen any television programming past Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  Praise Jesus.

Ready for bed:

In our recent doctor visits, Beckett has weighed in and measured under the curve, in true Turner Baby fashion.  At his 1 month appointment, he was right at 10 pounds, 21 inches.  At 2 months, he was 12 pounds, 22.5 inches.  Officially in the 41st percentile for weight, and 15th for height.  But with deceptively chubby cheeks and thighs that makes you think otherwise.  His vertical challenge makes that 41st percentile look more like the 95th.  Sorry Beckett, you get it from your Mama!

Other happenings include adorable cooing and laughing at faces.  He is very aware of his environment and audience and knows exactly when he needs to work it for flattery and laughs.  His smile is officially intentional, and will absolutely light up a room.  He puts his whole face into it - his eyes smile and he opens his mouth to show that he's nothing but gums in there.  It's precious.  He still has his moments where he cries after all of his needs have been met, but they are very few and far between, and much shorter lived.  His brother has really started to respond to him, too.  When Beckett is crying, Ben will rush to his side and attempt to make him happy.  Today, he cried in his carseat after we returned from the park, so Ben found his blankie and draped it over him to comfort him.  He stopped crying immediately, but it was likely because Ben draped the blanket over his whole body, including his face.  But he meant well!  He even got a good petting from his big brother afterward.

The proudest big brother there is:

Hugs to the sleeping baby:

Two peas in a pod:

Beckett celebrated his first holiday, Halloween, by letting his mama dress him up like a baby cow.  Beckett and The Turners took on Downtown Hendersonville for some trick-or-treating and dancing in the street, and as expected, Beckett slept the whole time.  And came home and slept more.  And pretty much slept all through the next day, Ben's birthday party.  Turns out he was sick.  But nonetheless, an adorable baby cow.  And in related news, at 9+ weeks, Beckett is still nursing exclusively, and like a champ.  Go us!

 Mama cow and her baby calf, post milking:

Obligatory smooshy baby face:

November has brought us the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.  Things are starting to fall into place, Mama's hormones are slowly regulating, and baby is beginning to find his place in the Turner family.  We're on borrowed time, weather wise, seeing how it is late November and we're still enjoying mild temperatures most days.  Mama and her ducklings have traveled to the park nearly every day for a walk and some fresh air, which is nature's antidepressant.  It's really helped keep me out of a rubber room, and tuckers the babies out so that they are both nap-ready when we get home.  Double awesome.  That combined with a lot of extra sleep every night has given me a brand new outlook on life as a mom to two very little ones.  And hopefully that extra 20 pounds that wasn't Beckett, a placenta, or water weight will fall off in the process of pushing a double stroller.  But if the winter is as cold as the summer was hot, we might just put that plan on hold until spring.

Mama and Baby share a moment:

November Leaves.  Happy Beckett.

It doesn't get any better than this:

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