Tuesday, December 16, 2008

6 weeks!

Benny at 5 weeks - Let's go Tarheels! Benny at 6 weeks - leaving his grandparent's house in his Christmas outfit

Last week was kinda sleepy for Benny and I. We've been doing a lot of hanging around our house and hanging with Grammy. We've also done a little bit of Christmas shopping. Ben is such a good shopping companion. He almost never complains and loves riding around in his stroller. He went with me to pick out his own Christmas presents, but slept through the trip.

Ben and Levi got back together for another play date and had a blast, wiggling around and cooing at each other. They are super adorable laying side by side, and seem to interact a little bit. Benny got a couple onesies from Levi for Christmas and of course, one of them says "Peanut" on it. He'll sport it this summer when he's big enough to wear it.

Speaking of size, we had another doctor appointment on Monday and Ben weighed in at a hefty 10 pounds, 8 ounces. His newborn outfits are getting tighter and tighter, and his 0-3 outfits don't look so ridiculous anymore. We've been sporting as much of the newborn stuff as possible because in a couple of weeks, Big Ben won't be able to button those onesies!
Nighttime sleeping is getting better every night, which is a huge relief to Mom and Dad. Ben will sleep for 4 hour shifts throughout the night and will only wake long enough to eat, burp, and be changed before returning to the Land of Nod. It's true what they say about routines beginning to form at around 6 weeks, and we are very thankful for that. During the day, we nurse, play, and sleep in that order and it seems boring, but is working for Benny at the moment. During playtime, he is becoming more and more interactive and will smile, laugh and reach for his toy friends and people friends. This week I decided to attach Pooh travel friends to his carseat so he isn't alone when we go for a ride. He watches them bop around, and will occassionally try to grab one, but can't quite hold them yet. He loves making eye contact and studying faces and continues to be more of an observer than anything else. He is fascinated with his environment and everything around him - it's been awesome to watch him watch the world and see new things for the first time!

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