Wednesday, June 11, 2008

18 weeks and all's well

So it's been awhile since my last update.  I started a new job at the end of April and have been pretty wrapped up in that for awhile.  Here's the summary:

13 weeks:

Here is Peanut floating around and being 13 weeks gestated.  This visit went well - with a heartbeat in the 150's.  We couldn't see much because this ultrasound was about as bad as the last one, but Peanut is looking more like a grasshopper and less like a "peanut".  This week was a small victory because it meant we were officially out of the first trimester and a third of the way done!  We finally announced to the world that Peanut existed this week.
Things continued to progress well and Mom is still feeling fine.  Cravings are now caesar salad and hot soup.  It is acceptable to eat these items at every meal.  The belly continues to grow and regular pants are definitely no longer an option.  Strangers are starting to notice Peanut.

16.5 weeks:

We went to a 3D/4D ultrasound place to get some interesting shots of Peanut and to determine what flavor human we're making.  Within 30 seconds, Peanut showed the world that he is ALL BOY! 

 We are totally thrilled by this and spent the rest of the day talking about names, little league, and Spiderman-themed birthday parties.  

17 weeks:

Mom had a checkup with the doctor to have blood work done and to hear Peanut's little heartbeat on the doppler.  Peanut's heart is beating away at 135 beats per minute and it is stronger and louder than ever.  We get another peak at him next week to have the doctor confirm his manhood and to measure all his parts to make sure he is growing well.  At the last visit he was measuring 4 days ahead so he's starting to take after Dad - bigger than average.  This is an unfortunate development for Mom, who is smaller than average.  This makes for a big belly.

Check out the amazing belly growth already:
13 weeks: 

17 weeks:


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